Carmelle Beaugelin

I describe myself as a “Afro-Latin, West-Indian, Haitian-American, Miami-an” artist currently residing in Princeton, NJ. My daily work swims in the waters of human flourishing and spiritual formation at the intersection of youth ministry & innovation.

I strive to create work that engages some form of “God-talk.” My art spends towards the exploration of theological themes related to redemptive transformation, the concept of "home", hyphenated ethnic identities of diasporic communities, and human flourishing as a continued expression of divine creativity (Imago Dei). To this end, I strive to create work that contribute to a deeper experience of God and self through the creative, collective experience of humanity. As the ultimate calling of the artist is to convey, and the highest calling of theology is to explore faith, the process of conveying the exploration of lived experiences of a life of faith (in all of its glory and despair) through a visual medium is my work as a Visual Theologian.

 As my artistic voice evolves, emotions and concepts are becoming  major influences on my practice, as opposed to  figurative representations. I find inspiration from Haitian street art as well as from artists such as Jean-Michel Basquiat,  Kieth Haring, and Makoto Fujimura. My art is an experiment in the language of shape, texture, and color as a means of discovering connections between human creativity, identity, and spirituality. Working primarily with acrylic,  my growing fascination with texture and dimension has allowed me to explore incorporating discarded materials into my work. 

My larger vocation is to point to the dignity, self-awareness, and spiritual connectedness of creative expression in the lives of those who carry hyphenated identities, particularly those navigating within what it means to both black and foreign in America. I am shaped by my culture, my faith, my work, and my community.

I look forward to exploring with you. My art is available for exhibition and purchase by contacting me here.

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Projects | Involvement



2018 Cosmic Flood, Solo Lenten Instillation, Kingston United Methodist Church, Kingston, NJ

2018  Electricity, Black Music and Arts Festival, Princeton Theological Seminary, Princeton, NJ

2017-2018 Ayiti Beyond the Mountains, Solo Piece Exhibition, Stratosphere Studios, Brooklyn, New York

2017 Barbara Florvil: The Becoming, Group Exhibition, Brooklyn, New York

2017 Trenton Art All Night, Exhibition, Trenton, New Jersey

2017 Lead Curator: Black Art Matters Group Show, The Colored Museum, Princeton Theological Seminary, Princeton, New Jersey


2019 Forum on Youth Ministry Artist in Residence, Institute for Youth Ministry, Princeton Theological Seminary, Princeton, New Jersey

2017-2018 Worship Arts Coordinator, Chapel Office, Princeton Theological Seminary, Princeton, New Jersey

2016 Artistic Re-branding and Interior Designer, The Feed Truck Cafe, Princeton, New Jersey


“Our Lady of Peace and Justice”, Princeton Theological Review, “Faith Beyond the Sanctuary: Christianity and the Public Sphere” (Vol. 22, No. 1), Spring 2019. Cover Art.

"Incriminating Palms", Princeton Theological Review, “Art as a Voice for the Church” (Vol. 21, No. 2), Spring 2018. 

 Artist Spotlight: Carmelle Beaugelin, August 1, 2017- LouisHolstein.com