Fourth Movement: The Soloist

Anitha’s Concerto: Movements of Grace (Spring 2019)

Anitha’s Concerto: Movements of Grace, follows the movement of a classical Concerto piece of music written in Sonata form, containing an Introduction/Exposition, moves towards development, followed by recapitulation that moves to the final coda. Echoing the vivid colors of Haiti’s pre-Lenten carnival tradition, this visual drama tells the story of grace personified, entering the musical score with the promise of resurrection at Easter. Commissioned for exhibition at the 2019 Forum on Youth Ministry hosted by Institute for Youth Ministry at Princeton Theological Seminary, Princeton, NJ.

Available for exhibition and/or purchase.


A Lenten Study (Spring 2017)

A Lenten Study is a series of works created during Lent that reflect the cycle of grief (denial, anger, bargaining, depression, acceptance) experienced by the crowds of Jerusalem and Jesus' disciple and betrayer, Judas Iscariot. The experience of loss penetrates to the very being of a soul torn asunder. Judas' loss of self in his act of betrayal and the loss of the hope of the crowds of Jerusalem in an unlikely messiah is a driving force of Lent and Jesus' journey to capital punishment. These works explore the relationship between betrayal and grief and their role within the inner conflict of the loudest (the crowds in Jerusalem) and the quietest (Judas Iscariot) characters in Jesus' journey toward the cross.

Various pieces from this series are available for exhibition and/or purchase.

50 Shades Detail

Cosmic Flood: A Visual Lenten Journey (Spring 2018)

Cosmic Flood is a series a 7-week Lenten art installation that ventures to use visual spirituality as a medium to express the 40-day journey of Christ towards the cross. These series of works, one for each Sunday of Lent, will be exploring both the vast "otherworldliness" and wild accessibility (seen as gold flakes) of divinity within the human experience. As we fast, pray, and live within the story of Jesus during Lent, we encounter the incarnate God whose experience of pain, betrayal, and dread seems eerily similar to our own. Currently on permanent exhibition at Kingston United Methodist Church, Kingston, NJ.


Selected Works

Various works available for exhibition or purchase.

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